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Post the Climate Emergency at the Top of the City's Homepage

The City of Miami passed a Climate Emergency Resolution in November 2019, calling for "city-wide climate mobilization". The Resolution however could not be found on the city's website.

After the activists insisted, the city leadership agreed in November 2020 to list the Climate Emergency Resolution under Climate Change,

which can be accessed by clicking on the link that can be found at the bottom of the home page.

We believe that a city that "commits to Citywide climate emergency mobilization efforts" should at the very least display a link to the Climate Emergency Resolution prominently at the top of its homepage, just like it does in the case of Covid-19.

We therefore continue to ask the city to raise the prominence of the Climate Emergency on the homepage, in thecity-s other public media and statements, and to act on the climate emergency with the speed and seriousness this emergency requires.

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