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Open Letter to Mayor Francis Suarez

The Honorable Francis Suarez

Mayor of Miami

3500 Pan American Drive

Miami, FL 33133

Dear Mayor Suarez,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing on behalf of myself as well as my friends and family members to thank you for declaring a climate emergency about six months ago and agreeing to make serious changes to our environment. We are finally shedding light to this issue and I’m glad you were the first mayor of our city to finally speak up about it! Climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time, and we as a community must act at a local, state, federal and international level to find common sense solutions that protect public health and quality of life for future generations, especially here in the great city of Miami.

But the fight doesn’t end there. A vast amount of our citizens living within our Miami boundaries seem not to be well educated about this emergency issue, nonetheless, not many people seemed to know that you even declared a climate emergency 6 months ago! Knowing this issue could potentially affect us in the long run, and people have yet to pay attention to what’s happening. This is a serious matter. I strongly suggest you keep on speaking up about this situation like you are doing with the COVID-19 pandemic because many people will genuinely listen to an elected official speak about a topic like this and hear what you have to say on this subject. More than 11,000 scientists are warning us of untold suffering due to the climate crisis and we must seriously change our way of living. And although you have said you plan for our city to become a carbon neutral city by 2050, something must be done way before then!

Sea level rise is one of the effects of climate change and it poses a great risk for us because we certainly have some areas that rest at or even under sea level, like the Grove Isle neighborhood. Another issue that seems to entail that of sea level rise is sunny day coastal flooding. Combined with sea level rise, this phenomenon appears to hit us worse throughout the years. We can surely see this in areas around Brickell Bay where certain areas are just flooded that it can reach to your ankles, sometimes causing some of us to walk on that flood to get to where we need to go. It’s not only affecting the city, it’s affecting us as a whole. This is salt water mixed with sewage. If you have yet to see this occur, I advise you to take a walk around Brickell any of these days and you will surely see it.

But what could be the underlying causes one may ask? Well, carbon usage is a big one, and that’s why I’m writing you this letter to let people know how our lifestyle is impacting our city. We have to educate our citizens about the dangers of climate change and how we still have time before we go into irreversible damage. I want to briefly introduce to you an idea that was brought up in the city of London to help combat climate. It is a project called the ‘London Solar Project’ that has a vision to educate people about the use of solar panels and how it can even save people money on their electricity bills as well as playing their role in producing green energy which uses no carbon at all. This project isn’t developing new technology, rather, it’s convincing citizens to join a group-buying scheme where they can buy solar panels at about 35% below market prices, saving them an impeccable amount of money to their pockets.

I truly believe if we were to start a project like this for the city of Miami and attract residents into joining this group-buying scheme, then maybe we can aim faster toward a more green city as well. This can also benefit residents who do want to play their role into green energy transition but do not have the necessary funds to transition because this can offer them a tremendous

discount for them. We can also reach out to people about this project and try to convince them to start generating their own electricity and the wonders of the solar panel and how it can save them a significant amount of money annually if they would switch to green energy. We should take the city of London as an example of what we should be doing. Educating people about the wonders of green energy.

I do try to envision myself in your shoes and of course presume that you already have a lot on your plate right now, but I hope you put this letter into consideration from a student like me, who wants to see change in our city and how we are living before the devastating effects of climate change prevents us from further seeing future generations thrive like I mentioned. Again, I thank you for believing climate change is in fact real and as a citizen, I also thank you for keeping Miami under great control with these regulations you have implemented to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and I hope you keep that same mindset to wish the best for our city and do something about it as soon as possible.


Ralph Garcia

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