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Writing Toward a Sustainable Future: Research, Reasoning and Rhetoric on Climate Change

Updated: May 15, 2020

Photo thanks to Alexis Brown for sharing their work on Unsplash

Do you care about the future of our planet?  Do you want to have a sustainable future? Do you want to be PART of the change for a healthier planet?

Then, this course is for you!

In this course, students will utilize research, writing and communication skills needed to work toward a healthier, sustainable future, starting in our own community.  Students will research and write argumentative climate change solutions to present to the appropriate corporations or community leaders to convince decision-makers to support policies that help our environment.  In addition, students will utilize public speaking skills to present their arguments and research. Students will consider practical, local, and every-day considerations relevant to a sustainable human future. Each student will focus on a community action/social change project that will improve the sustainability for our community. Projects could be an individual, group, or class projects; students pick the project that they are passionate about. Further, students will receive community service hours for time volunteering, which could be part of a Silver Night Project.  In addition to the community project, students are asked to take a pledge that would make their own lifestyle more sustainable. In class, we will analyze the impact that each individual change could make in our journey toward sustainability and reflect on how to advocate for those changes to take place.

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