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Upcoming dates:
Mayor's Resilience Forum, every third or fourth Tuesday of the month, 3pm at

For other dates please contact us. There are several advocacy opportunities every week. 

The City of Miami Mayor's Resilience Meeting has asked the community to provide ideas on how to deal with the grave problems facing our community, on acting on the climate and ecological emergency, resilience, adaptation in the face of climate and ecological breakdown, dealing with the emergency in Biscayne Bay and other threats. We provide them below.

Some of the recordings of the interactions between the city leadership and the community can be found here.

The city leadership meets with the community on the third or fourth Tuesday of every month at 3pm at


We would like to bring these facts to the attention of our city officials. We are asking them to take this information into account when discussing the city's options and when formulating city policy. 


The city leaders have asked the community for ideas on how to act on thec limate and ecological emergency, the Biscayne Bay and other threats.

To contribute ideas to this list, please send us an email to with a picture, text, links, etc. and we will add them to the list.

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